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About GK Creative Solutions  ...

GK Creative Solutions was established by Gabi Kent, an experienced strategic communicator, digital media producer and academic  consultant.


We offer individual consulting or build bespoke teams, bringing together highly talented and skilled colleagues from different sectors, to produce powerful and engaging projects.  

About Gabi Kent

Gabi worked for over 15 years directing and producing prime-time documentaries for British broadcast television including BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery. During this time she developed an extensive contact list and honed her skills in professional production processes, and in communicating to diverse audiences and stakeholders. In 2008, Gabi pursued an MSc in Human Rights at the London School of Economics. Her thesis, on innovative grassroots reconciliation processes in the Balkans, formed the basis of a paper she presented at a seminar on European Integration and Transitional Justice in Brussels in 2009, before going on to work for UNHCR in Geneva as a consultant .

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Gabi applies her combination of skills and experience as a strategic and creative media producer, interviewer and writer, to promote issues in the field of forced displacement, poverty, human rights and social justice, alongside academic research. She is currently lecturing in Criminology and Social Policy at the Open University.

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