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Project name and description

The Communities in Action Collaboration in Northern Ireland, empowers low income communities to conduct research, highlight local needs and lobby for change. Compelling community produced evidence has been presented to local and national politicians and led to the development of locally devised projects.  


Background: In the UK, people living in poverty are often stigmatised through the media and are the target of a range of policy interventions and reforms. This has made many people reluctant to speak out about their situation or needs. The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland (CFNI) established the Communities in Action programme to support low income communities in charting their experiences and monitoring the impact of government reforms.


Linking local to national: An academic community collaboration between CFNI and members of the Poverty and Social Exclusion (PSE) team was created to link local experiences with national research and to share community evidence. Up to 80 people from marginalised Protestant and Catholic communities are taking part in this project. You can see three films produced by these communities on the PSE project website.  


This engagement process was devised and project managed by Gabi Kent for the The Open University, in association with Queens University Belfast, the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland and local community partners. It is part of a major ESRC funded project, PSE UK 2012.



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 "It is a fantastic way of getting people's voices heard.  It tells the real story"  

Community practitioner,

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Communities in Action Collaboration (for The Open University and PSE UK, 2012)